It’s Injury Prevention Season

It’s Injury Prevention Season

By Leon Scott, MD

It’s injury prevention season

Your young athlete has sports activities throughout the course of the year. However, this time of year also presents the perfect opportunity to introduce performance-improving and injury-preventing exercises into your athlete’s training program. Trust us, doing these now will make the rest of the sports year go by with significantly fewer injuries for your children and their teammates.


Add pelvic tilts to the beginning of the program to learn how to activate your core and control the position of the spine.

Advance to heal touches to really strengthen the muscles around the spine.

Learn how to do the hip hinge next. It is vital to learn this movement before ever doing squats or dead-lifts in a gym! Before doing the hip hinge, make sure you activate the core muscles the same way that you did to successfully complete the pelvic tilt and heel touches.


Use the same tools from the previous section, then add the following to protect the athlete from ACL injuries. Add hip strengthening with clamshells. They may look simple, but they work a muscle that directly stops the movement associated with ACL injury.

Then learn how to balance. Do these balance drills without shoes on. To help keep your balance, keep your core tight!

Advance to single hops. The video below shows an athlete doing these in an agility ladder. Start in front of a mirror to make sure that when your child lands from each hop, that their knee does not collapse inside of the imaginary line between the hip and the ankle.


In addition to all the strengthening exercises, you need to add specific stretches. Stretch the hamstrings and calves with a downward dog.

Use a half kneeling posture with a pelvic tilt to really stretch the hip flexors.

These are drills that everyone needs to do. If you’re interested in getting a more detailed, personalized plan for your young athletes, then call Sporti to schedule a Bioassessment with one of our athletic trainers today. 615-472-1711

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